SALE! EA Elk Addict Series AMP Diaphragm Calls By Phelps

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In its first season the Elk Addicts Amp calls were a hit!

OUR NEWEST ADDITION! The Elk Addicts ORANGE INSTIGATOR. A single layer latex with a medium stretch. This call is designed to do it all and keep doing it. Tailored to the intermediate to advanced caller this call is built to last. Rip a bugle, cow call, barks and chuckles, you can do it all! If you had to choose only one diaphragm to run this is it.

*With our Red Temptation Diaphragm now there is no reason to need to switch calls when working a bull! The Elk Addicts Red Temptation Amp is single layer latex call designed as an all purpose hunting call. A SUPER easy call to make cow sounds and small to medium bull sounds with one diaphragm! Due to the super soft latex we use for the ease of calling it is normal to see some ripple in this diaphragm. It does not effect the sound of the call at all. A thicker latex may look better to the eye, but not nearly as easy to control as this call.

*The White Aggressor Amp is a diaphragm to make big bull sounds! This call is designed to be able to challenge the big herd bulls. A two layer latex call designed for one purpose, to kill big bulls. Features the AMP frame and built by Phelps Game Calls! If you want to go head to head with the herd bull, HERE YOU GO! 

*Send It Set- a set with one of each of our 3 different diaphragms. Be ready for all calling situations with this set!

Features the AMP frame and built by Phelps Game Calls!

Check out a video of the EA White Aggressor by Elk Calling Academy here:

Check out a video of the EA Red Temptation done by Elk Calling Academy here: